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Cell Phone Tapping is Illegal

By MSI in Debugging - Electronic Countermeasures, MSI Detective Services at July 29th, 2009 | 2 comments

Recently, you may have seen a YouTube video floating around about a phone tapping program that has been installed on a victim’s cell phone.  Perry Myers, President of the U-Spy Store ( & MSI Detective Services (, confirms that cell phone tapping is absolutely illegal as eavesdropping on conversations without the other parties’ permission is an invasion of privacy. Perry Myers is a Certified Fraud Examiner and is thoroughly trained in countermeasures and surveillance techniques and is an expert as to the many ways eavesdropping occurs.  He tracks bugs and taps for a living.

The following are facts you need to know about cell phone tapping:

•    You must be in possession of the target phone to install the software.  Perry says that that is not always true.  Some hackers are sophisticated enough to do this remotely.

•    The video says that it is virtually impossible to detect the software.  Perry advised that you may need to reset your phone to delete the software and settings.

•    Perry shared that smart phones such as I-Phones, Blackberries, and other high-tech phones may be easier to tap since they connect to the internet.

•    One last thing that Perry wants you to know – this illegal software would not be found at the U-Spy Store. He has had many calls on this.  He even had a customer bring in the software and complain that they could not successfully install after they purchased it.  Apparently once you purchase it, the company is difficult to get tech support from.  When the customer contacted the seller, they were told they needed to download additional software from other sources.  Eventually the customer gave up and decided to go another route.

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2 Responses to “Cell Phone Tapping is Illegal”

  1. Kelly thompson says:

    The city of tumwater washington has been tapping my phone because they have commited fraud by using the legal system to extort over 250k from my family they have used the lawyer that the citizens of tumwater wsshington are paying to extort over 250 k from my family know they are tapping my phone to fing out who I will tell .

  2. Theresa says:

    Hello, my name is Theresa I am frustrated and angry I been trying to find someone who can track who is tapping in my cell and listening to my conversations and reading my texts. I pretty much know who is tapping in to my cell but I need proof. I know people on my job the unit I work in are do it when I get to work the next day a few of my co-workers and supervisor make fun of my conversation I had the night before this been going on for over and year. I been mock, laugh at, talked about and they don’t care what they say around me. I want this to investigated so I can have proof and hire me attorney. this act is harrament, torment, stocking, and threating to my life and this has to stop. If someone can help please. I have an verizon phone which I use all the time I went to the police department and the officer told me to change my device and number because it’s nothing they can do about it so I did and they still was able to tap into my phone and I not crazy. I than change my number three times and that fail, than I got a verizon pre-paid cell phone and that fail same issue. so I got a metro pc phone that fail I tried so many avenues and this will not cease. I know this is illegal and If I get proof I can file charges and I have a law suite against the company. I need help can someone please help me please.

    Angry and Mad