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Illinois lawmakers pass eavesdropping fix, bobcat hunting season

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The Illinois Senate on Thursday wrapped up its work for the year, leaving the Capitol after sending Gov. Pat Quinn measures that would create a bobcat hunting season in Illinois and put in place new rules regarding eavesdropping.

The Senate’s departure comes after the House went home a day earlier without voting on a measure to raise the state’s minimum wage, though the Democratic governor says he’ll keep pushing in the hope he can force a vote before Republican Bruce Rauner succeeds him Jan. 12. Read the full article »

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Concerned with hacking?

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MSI Detective services offer a wide range of services, one of them being debugging. Whether you are concerned with your cell phone, computer, or even your own home being “bugged” MSI detectives can help you out and make you feel at ease. They offer very professional and prompt services. Anything these days can be vulnerable to hacking just take a look at the article below and if you feel unsafe in your own home don’t hesitate to contact us today. Read the full article »

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MSI Detective Perry Myers Non-Verbal Observations on the Governor’s Debate

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MSI Detective President Perry Myers was invited to the Fox 32 studios to offer insight on the non-verbal communications aspect of the gubernatorial debate on October 16, 2014. Through observing the candidates Quinn and Rauner’s body language, Perry was able to see a little more than typical due to his interview and interrogation training.

FOX 32 News Chicago

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Why Citizens Carrying Guns May Be a Good Thing

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There is a great article here showing why.

There is a lot of controversy concerning Illinois newly enacted “Concealed Carry” law.  Signs are popping up all over in businesses that don’t want guns in the work place.   Don’t get me wrong.  Guns are scary.  One bullet can kill and having a gun is a dangerous proposition.  When I was a child, my parents never kept a gun in the house even though my father was a WWII veteran and used it to defend the free world.  He killed the bad guys and used it with the respect it deserved.  Right or wrong, guns can be used to be offensive weapons or defensive guards.  It would be wonderful if one day we can use flowers and words to defend ourselves.  I really do wish for that time.  But reality is that guns are here and probably to stay.

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