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An interview featuring Perry Myers about the controversial StingRay technology

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Assault on Process Servers Continues in 2015

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Process servers have a job that would seem impervious to trouble, but it can be dangerous work, especially when some recipients become hostile, directing their anger toward the process server. When process servers are assaulted, the repercussions often fail to fit the crime. Not only are process servers just trying to do their job, they are also upholding constitutional rights by providing the defendant with due process. If we continue to allow process servers to be assaulted without serious repercussions, we are sending a message that constitutional rights don’t matter, and that is simply not true. Process servers and the important job they do should be legally respected. Read the full article »

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How to Communicate When Absolute Discretion is Required

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Shhh. You might not be running a top-secret business, but there are times when absolute discretion is required. But how can one keep customer secrets?

It helps to take a peek at how those businesses that offer 100 percent confidentiality treat such situations.

Privacy is a growing concern across the board. It was FaceBook’s flippant attitude toward privacy that propelled Ello into the spotlight. FaceBook is huge; your business isn’t. FaceBook can afford to lose a few thousand customers; you can’t. Read the full article »

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Woman finds hidden camera in her apartment feat. Perry Myers

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FOX 32 News Chicago

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