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Why Your Passwords Should be at Least 24 Characters Long

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Earlier this month, my company, along with 1.2 billion other websites, was targeted by Russian hackers utilizing a massive “bot” attack. These bots aggressively attempted access to websites with username and password options.

Fortunately, we have very robust and secure servers preventing any harm to our infrastructure or members. But not every company can make that claim. Attacks like this serve as a good idea that it’s not enough to password-protect everything. You must create strong passwords that make it hard for hackers to get what they want. Read the full article »

Jewel-Osco says its computers were hacked

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Jewel-Osco computers, containing customer credit and debit card information, have been affected by an “unlawful intrusion,” the grocery store chain’s corporate parent said Friday.

AB Acquisition said it had not determined whether any cardholder data was in fact stolen. However, “there’s no evidence that any data has been misused,” said spokeswoman Christine Wilcox.

The company sought to reassure shoppers by offering 12 months of free data protection through AllClear ID but consumers who called a toll-free number were getting disconnected, Wilcox said Friday afternoon. The company was working to establish a new toll-free number but consumers would not be able to sign up for the monitoring until Wednesday or Thursday, she said. Read the full article »

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IRS has ‘no excuses’ for latest twist in email saga, says IT expert

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The IRS has “no excuses” for the latest twist in the saga of its missing emails, says an expert in electronic discovery.

“Whether it’s incompetence or deliberate obstruction, the IRS has no excuses for having handled this so poorly,” said Bruce Webster, partner at Provo, Utah-based IT consulting and expert witness firm Ironwood Experts. Read the full article »

$10,000 prize offered to hack a Tesla car

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A Beijing security conference is offering $10,000 to anyone who can hack into a high-tech Tesla electric car.

The Symposium on Security for Asia Network (SyScan) has launched a hacking competition for security gurus attending its event. The competition’s goal is to examine the safety of a Tesla car, according to a note on the conference website, which says that the rules will be announced soon. Read the full article »

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