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Background check support strong, but lower, a year after Newtown

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On the cusp of the anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Conn., a CBS News poll reveals Americans overwhelmingly support a federal law requiring background checks on all potential gun buyers, a measure that has so far failed to be put into law.   Read the full article »

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Investigating World’s Largest Deep Dish Pizza for Dave & Chris at Funny or Die

By MSI in Background Checks, Celebrity, Chicago, due diligence, Investigations, Locate Investigations, MSI Detective Services, Private Investigator at November 11th, 2013 | Comments Off on Investigating World’s Largest Deep Dish Pizza for Dave & Chris at Funny or Die

It was a warm summer day when I listened to a voice mail from a Funny or Die producer.  I called the producer back and determined that I was referred by a long time friend and fellow PI Bob Kurz.  Apparently Bob loved pizza but hated the limelight, unlike yours truly.  All I was told by the producer was that I needed to find the world’s largest deep dish pizza and then read my findings into a camera at a Giordano’s pizza joint on Rush Street.  No problem.  My accomplices at the office, Peggy Shapiro and Sherry Kneitz did most of the research while I was to read all of the lines.

What the Funny or Die people failed to mention was that I would also be working with Dave Franco (21 Jump Street’s bad boy) and Chris Mintz-Plasse (Superbad’s McLovin).  So when I arrived to the set that September 11 morning, I had no idea that these were real actors on a mission.  So imagine my surprise when I met these two guys!

What was it like working with Dave and Chris?  I can only say that they could not have been nicer and were so very encouraging.  I had a blast.  And Geno of Giordano’s made sure I went home with a non-record breaking stuffed pizza as well.  People ask me why I decided to do it.  I tell them, “I kneaded the dough!”

Sponsored by LG Electronics promoting their new G2 Android phone, Dave & Chris took their It’s All Possible tour across the country this past summer.  You can see more stops on the tour by clicking this link: Investigating the World’s Largest Deep Dish Pizza.

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FTC Warns Marketers That Mobile Apps May Violate Fair Credit Reporting Act

By MSI in Background Checks, Criminal Records, invasion of privacy, Privacy, Private Investigator, Screening at February 9th, 2012 | Comments Off on FTC Warns Marketers That Mobile Apps May Violate Fair Credit Reporting Act

Agency Sends Letter to Marketers of Six Apps for Background Screening

Personally, I am glad to see that these practices are being scrutinized (see my comments below).

The Federal Trade Commission warned marketers of six mobile applications that provide background screening apps that they may be violating the Fair Credit Reporting Act. The FTC warned the apps marketers that if they have reason to believe the background reports they provide are being used for employment screening, housing, credit, or other similar purposes, they must comply with the Act.

The companies that received the letters are Everify, Inc., marketer of the Police Records app; InfoPay, Inc., marketer of the Criminal Pages app; and Intelligator, Inc., marketer of Background Checks, Criminal Records Search, Investigate and Locate Anyone, and People Search and Investigator apps.

According to the FTC, some of the apps include criminal record histories, which bear on an individual’s character and general reputation and are precisely the type of information that is typically used in employment and tenant screening. “If you have reason to believe that your background reports are being used for employment or other FCRA purposes, you and your customers who are using your reports for such purposes must comply with the FCRA,” the letters say.

The FCRA is designed to protect the privacy of consumer report information and ensure that the information supplied by consumer reporting agencies is accurate. Consumer reports are communications that include information on an individual’s character, reputation, or personal characteristics and are used or expected to be used for purposes such as employment, housing or credit. Read the full article »

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A Clerical Error Landed Kathleen Casey on the Streets

By MSI in Background Checks, court cases, Criminal Background Check, Criminal Records, legal papers, MSI Detective Services, Police Records, Private Investigator at December 21st, 2011 | Comments Off on A Clerical Error Landed Kathleen Casey on the Streets

If you are an employer needing background checks performed on prospective employees, MSI Detective Services offers this service. Mistakes won’t be make like the ones you will read about in this story because we have the means to accurately check and cross-check information. For example, in the first story, our staff would have noticed that the birth date did not match the age of the individual, and even if it did, one of our Private Investigators would have pulled the police report to ensure they had the right person. Employers should also know that they are required by law to inform job applicants when they have been rejected because of negative information in a background check. This gives the applicant an opportunity to clear up any mis-information. So, unless you want a lawsuit on your hands, you are advised to do a proper background check and follow the law.

Out of work two years, her unemployment benefits exhausted, in danger of losing her apartment, Casey applied for a job in the pharmacy of a Boston drugstore. She was offered $11 an hour. All she had to do was pass a background check.

It turned up a 14-count criminal indictment. Kathleen Casey had been charged with larceny in a scam against an elderly man and woman that involved forged checks and fake credit cards.

There was one technicality: The company that ran the background check, First Advantage, had the wrong woman. The rap sheet belonged to Kathleen A. Casey, who lived in another town nearby and was 18 years younger.

Kathleen Ann Casey, would-be pharmacy technician, was clean.

“It knocked my legs out from under me,” she says.

The business of background checks is booming. Employers spend at least $2 billion a year to look into the pasts of their prospective employees. They want to make sure they’re not hiring a thief, or worse.

But it is a system weakened by the conversion to digital files and compromised by the welter of private companies that profit by amassing public records and selling them to employers. These flaws have devastating consequences. Read the full article »

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